10 March 2011

Join the 100 Top Squiggles of Nursing project

In my July 12, 2010 Meta-Reflections post, I commented on the squiggle sense and the complementary nature of nursing phenomena. I was delighted and surprised when David A. Engstrom, PhD, creator~designer of The Squiggle Sense blog and co-author, along with J.A. Scott Kelso, PhD, of The Complementary Nature, contacted me and invited me to be interviewed! We exchanged many an e-mail and now that interview is posted on the Squiggle Sense blog!

Dr. Engstrom also posted a comment to my July blog post, in which he extended an invitation to the nursing community to participate in the 100 Top Squiggles of Nursing project, part of his effort to gather the 100 top squiggles in a variety of disciplines. I think this would be a very interesting exercise that would add to our understanding and appreciation of the complementary nature and dynamics nurses negotiate on a daily basis.

So, here is the plan. I invite all my nursing colleagues to use the comment feature provided at the bottom of this blog post (click on the word “comment”) or send directly to me (dpesut@iupui.edu ) a list of squiggles you notice in your practice, education or research contexts. I, in turn, will pass them along to Dr. Engstrom, and we will slowly but surely build a list of the top 100 squiggles in nursing! For example, a few of my candidate squiggles of nursing are: nursing~negligence; suffering~succorance; health~illness; mindfulness~mindlessness.

What complementary pairs or “squiggles” has your squiggle sense perceived and acted upon? Participating in this project is easy. All I need are your squiggles, but if you care to spend a few minutes to let us know why you chose your particular candidate(s), please do so.

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